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Number Nine from The New Yorker January 19, 2010

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Details about the story:  1. Before her nomination, Sotomayor made courtesy calls to eighty-nine senators, most of any supreme court nominee. 2. she broke her ankle at LaGuardia when she was running late for a meeting.   3. Born in 1954, she was the high school valedictorian, Princeton graduate, law review editor at Yale Law School, distric court judge, and Sotomayor values preperation.

Things I learned:   1. Sotomayor was a puerto rican and on the U.S. Sepreme Court.  2. all of things mentioned in the details I also did not know.    3. they kept repeating “wise latina” which I think is a little wierd.   4. The eighty-nine-year-old Justice John Paul Stevens showed up to Sotomayor’s party happy.

Sources:   1.Court cases: Farrell v. Burke, Ford v. McGinnis, Hayden v. Pataki, N.G. & S.G. v. Connecticut.   2.  Other Congressmen: Jose Serrano.   3. Other news: The New Republic, Times, Rush Limbaugh, National Review blog, Ta-Nehisi Coates’ blog for the Atlantic.    4.Ken Moy, Sotomayor’s friend from Princeton.


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