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Basketball! February 22, 2010

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Why is it that when you start dating a guy that plays a sport, girls feel like they should know a little info about that sport? Me? Im a football girl, all the way! Basketball? A year ago I could’ve said it could kiss my butt, but now, since my boyfriend plays basketball, I find myself knowing more and more info about basketball than I thought I knew. It’s weird. I guess just hanging out with basketball guys, I’ve just picked up info without even realizing it at all. ┬áNow I feel like I could teach someone about basketball, maybe not the history, but general info about the sport. I guess it’s a good thing. Now Im good at football and basketball =]


Narrative Writing February 11, 2010

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To me, narrative writing is easier than features. It’s definitely easier in the first person, but not that much harder in third person. The only major difference is how you would explain feelings. When they’re your own feelings, its really easy to talk about feelings, but when you’re trying to explain how someone else feels, its harder to get the message across because you can not say for sure how that person felt unless you ask them.


Mrs. Kelly’s Monster February 4, 2010

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The monster in the story is the brain tumor. The story talks about the doctor and how he tries to actually help the patient while also learning more about science. The fact that the author talks about the doctor’s morning and packing his lunch is because he wants the audience to be able to relate to the doctor. It also uses symbolism in that food is the start of all live and after the surgery and Mrs. Kelly dies, he goes and eats lunch. The author also uses the time and the sound of the heart beat for emphasizes.