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Obesity and Yoga! April 20, 2010

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People struggle with weight gain and fitness every day. One of the more severe problems is obesity. An easy way to help this epidemic is fitness and healthy life styles.

Obesity is a huge problem in the United States. Over 190 million Americans are over-weight or obese. It is easier and cheaper to go to McDonalds and buy a double cheeseburger with a large soda and large fries than get a salad and a bottle of water. That is ridiculous. There is also a 150 billion dollar burden on the U.S. from obesity. Some people eat even when they are not hungry.

A great solution is fitness and healthy eating habits. Trying to get with a regular routine of exercise will help you stay accountable to yourself and you will work out more. If you have a friend to workout with or someone to motivate you, you will feel obligated to exercise. I know that I tell my boyfriend every time I workout so that way when I do not feel like going, he’ll ask if I’m going to the gym and without him realizing it, he is motivating me to workout.

A great group exercise that I semi-regularly enjoy is yoga. Yoga is very relaxing yet physically challenging. Yoga is also a great way to get in better shape for spring time. Yoga is an age old exercise that has recently gained wide spread popularity throughout the United States. There are many forms of yoga and it has grown popular with celebrities as well. It is also growing with athletes as a way to help them improve in their specific sport.

My freshman year at Florida Southern College, I took yoga as an elective physical education class. Before the class, I had never taken a yoga class at all. I knew it was a great way to get tone and to mentally relax. As it turned out, that was correct. I enjoyed my yoga class because it made me feel overall healthier and even after the class was over for the semester, my balance seemed to have been improved.

Our solution: yoga helps with people who are over-weight or even helps with obesity. Yoga is a more gentile and mentally relaxing way of exercise. You feel less bored during exercise while becoming more toned and over all healthier. Since yoga is becoming more popular in the U.S. maybe that means Americans as a whole will become over all healthier as we used to be in generations passed.

Personally, yoga helped me become overall toner. And I continue to attend yoga classes semi-regularly. I would recommend yoga to anyone who wanted to be in a group exercise class. Or to anyone who just wanted to improve his or her physical health in any type of way. Yoga is a very beneficial exercise.


Stupid Health Care Bill Passed!! March 22, 2010

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I can not believe that Congress passed this stupid and ridiculous bill….it is completely unconstitutional!!! According to comments on facebook, I am not the only one upset about this. One of my friends set the following status:

Erika Kydd Omg. The health care bill passed? Guess it’s all down hill from here.

Alot of people commented on it and here are a few that are just examples of people who do not want this bill.

Jane Kydd we’ve passed a health care plan written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn’t understand it, passed by a Congress that exempts themselves from it, to be signed by a president who smokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes, all to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese…, and financed by a country that’s broke. What could possibly go wrong?”…..

Max Given you wont mooch off it, everything you get from the government will have been paid for by you through taxes and then redistributed to the people, it’s complete socialism. good luck getting ahead in America now.

I also found a group that is titled “50,000 Against Healthcare Bill in the next 72 hrs.” It so far has 24,338 fans. Amongst the comments on its page, there is a lot of hate towards the bill. Here are some examples.

Linda Proctor Vendittelli Lets vote out all the incumbunts and replace with all new….it has to be better then this….We elected these people to work for us, NOT lead us. We don’t need all these so called leaders.,..They are only thinking about themselves and not The American People.


Terri Adams Coleman Our country is turning into a communist country. May God have mercy!

Tina Martin Wright The people need to make a stand, it’s truly bad when the people we elected don’t listen to what we the people want!!!!!!!!!

Tom O’May I think people at times blurr the line between health “coverage” and health “Care”…you may not have a right to free coverage..but you always have had the right to Care..Hospitals and Doctors do not turn away the sick…who knows what will happen now?

Denise Doyle Thompson It is truly a sad day in America. How we the people were just steamed rolled over. 72% of the public do not want this bill yet it passed.Some things just make you go HMMMMMMM….

Jim Wilson they control my TIME,MONEY now my HEALTH, the only thing left is what???


Obviously, people are a little pissed! I do not blame them! I should just quit college go have a baby and get welfare for the rest of my life. I intend on replacing every single person up there in Congress this November. I don’t care what party they are, I don’t care what race or sex they are, if they are not already in Congress I will vote for them. Because I refuse as an American to GIVE away MY money to someone else who will actually do that.


Basketball! February 22, 2010

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Why is it that when you start dating a guy that plays a sport, girls feel like they should know a little info about that sport? Me? Im a football girl, all the way! Basketball? A year ago I could’ve said it could kiss my butt, but now, since my boyfriend plays basketball, I find myself knowing more and more info about basketball than I thought I knew. It’s weird. I guess just hanging out with basketball guys, I’ve just picked up info without even realizing it at all.  Now I feel like I could teach someone about basketball, maybe not the history, but general info about the sport. I guess it’s a good thing. Now Im good at football and basketball =]


Narrative Writing February 11, 2010

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To me, narrative writing is easier than features. It’s definitely easier in the first person, but not that much harder in third person. The only major difference is how you would explain feelings. When they’re your own feelings, its really easy to talk about feelings, but when you’re trying to explain how someone else feels, its harder to get the message across because you can not say for sure how that person felt unless you ask them.


Mrs. Kelly’s Monster February 4, 2010

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The monster in the story is the brain tumor. The story talks about the doctor and how he tries to actually help the patient while also learning more about science. The fact that the author talks about the doctor’s morning and packing his lunch is because he wants the audience to be able to relate to the doctor. It also uses symbolism in that food is the start of all live and after the surgery and Mrs. Kelly dies, he goes and eats lunch. The author also uses the time and the sound of the heart beat for emphasizes.


Notable Narratives Story January 28, 2010

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I read this story for class, and it was really good and inspiring. Its about a girl in high school who plays basketball and beyond all chances becomes high school state champs two years in a row while maintaining a 3.67 gpa. Since I have a boyfriend who plays basketball and it is my 2nd most favorite sport, I find this story amazing and the girl in the story, Jerise Freeman, very inspirational. She also has a single mother growing up, which I can relate to because of my mom just raising me and my brother by herself for many years. Normally I hate to read, but when it is stuff like this I get very interested.


Number Nine from The New Yorker January 19, 2010

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Details about the story:  1. Before her nomination, Sotomayor made courtesy calls to eighty-nine senators, most of any supreme court nominee. 2. she broke her ankle at LaGuardia when she was running late for a meeting.   3. Born in 1954, she was the high school valedictorian, Princeton graduate, law review editor at Yale Law School, distric court judge, and Sotomayor values preperation.

Things I learned:   1. Sotomayor was a puerto rican and on the U.S. Sepreme Court.  2. all of things mentioned in the details I also did not know.    3. they kept repeating “wise latina” which I think is a little wierd.   4. The eighty-nine-year-old Justice John Paul Stevens showed up to Sotomayor’s party happy.

Sources:   1.Court cases: Farrell v. Burke, Ford v. McGinnis, Hayden v. Pataki, N.G. & S.G. v. Connecticut.   2.  Other Congressmen: Jose Serrano.   3. Other news: The New Republic, Times, Rush Limbaugh, National Review blog, Ta-Nehisi Coates’ blog for the Atlantic.    4.Ken Moy, Sotomayor’s friend from Princeton.